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NomadiQ Portable Grill
The Ultimate Lightweight Portable Gas Grill


  • TRULY COMPACT AND PORTABLE GAS GRILL TO TAKE ON-THE-GO – Weighing ONLY 12 pounds, the nomadiQ grills are easy to transport and can go anywhere: camp, tailgate, RV, boat, parks, hikes, boating, decks & patios, travel, apartments & tiny homes, beach, roadtrip and more. Can be used as a table top grill inside & outside. Includes a carrying strap for easy transport


  • 226 SQUARE INCH CERAMIC COATED NON-STICK GRATES – Boasting a huge cooking area, this portable propane grill has plenty of room to grill all your favorite foods, while distributing heat evenly and efficiently. Grates are easily removable, DISHWASHER SAFE, and rust-resistant.


  • ALMOST 10,000 BTU WITH DUAL BURNERS – With 2 separate grilling sides, each encompassing almost 5,000 BTU, this BBQ grill allows you to barbecue using only one side or both sides, while controlling their temperatures individually using independently controlled burners.


  • OPENS AND CLOSES QUICKLY – If it takes longer than 45 seconds to set-up, you are doing something wrong. In 3 simple moves, unlock, open, connect and grill. The grill heats up quickly, meaning you can light it and start your grilling experience right away. No Assembly Required!


  • SOLID AND DURABLE COMPONENTS – The nomadiQ Grill is made from heavy steel construction with a powder coated finish for durability. With stainless steel burners and cast-iron grill plates, the nomadiQ grill is built to withstand your most adventurous outdoor activities. Its ELECTRIC PUSH-TO-START IGNITION SWITCH will quickly and reliably fire up your grill anywhere.


  • INCLUDES Two (2) Drip Trays, Gas Hose/Regulator, Carrying Strap (for easy transport) & Manual



The nomadiQ grill possesses the sleekest of designs, when both folded and opened. Sure to drop jaws around you, be the coolest one with this lightweight, but still powerful grill. This is a grill that is actually portable, and can go anywhere.



The electronic ignition system ensures fast and reliable start-ups with just the push of a button, so that you can begin grilling right away.



Sporting one of the largest grill surfaces of any portable grill, the substantial cooking space can fit about 10 hamburgers. Grill amazing food for the entire crew on the go.



With a ceramic coating, the non-stick grates ensure that your food is evenly cooked. They are rust-resistant and can easily be removed for quick cleaning, and are also dishwasher safe. The shells of the grill can also be wiped down for a fast take-down, so that you can continue your adventures.



Two separate burners, each individually controlled, are durable for a long-lasting performance. They offer a large range of temperature with dual temperature controls, that evenly distribute the heat throughout the entire grill.


9,200 BTU

With 4,600 BTU on each side, the nomadiQ Grill is sure to cook your food evenly and quickly. Although it is small in size, it will cook like a full-size grill. This grill is fueled by propane.



Through small holes located in the bottom of each shell, the removal of grease and drippings will be siphoned into the two provided drip trays, while reducing the risk of flare-ups. Simply remove the drip trays, and wipe down for your next grilling experience.



With an ergonomically easy to grip handle, carrying this lightweight grill is a breeze. For longer distances, a padded shoulder strap is included for the ease and comfort of transporting this grill to your next adventure.